ordinary women doing extraordinary things

As we celebrate women around the world I am conscious that we have so many ordinary women doing extra-ordinary things in business, community and families.  For the first time I am sharing my story to a global audience and the lessons I have learned from shifting from “most likely to be average” single mom to living a fulfilled  professional on a global stage.  Here are some of the tips that I have learned on my journey… 


Create your North Star as a Dominant Picture

In moving ordinary to extraordinary you need to change the Dominant Picture in your life.  Do you have a compelling goal, a vision, a purpose you can feel, touch, and see?  My original purpose was to see my boys cross the graduation stage.  It was this that kept me going through some of the hardest times.  This picture should be vivid, aspirational and connected to emotion.  Can you see it, feel it and be it in the present?

Get out of the weight of other people’s expectations

Being the “normal” one in the family was possibly one of my greatest gifts.  Other people’s expectations weigh heavy on us.  Stop being shackled by the expectations of others.  You have the freedom to choose your own path.  Who do you really want to BE? If you are allowing yourself to be weighed down by the expectation of others then you are carrying a heavy load into your future, let it go and feel the freedom to be uniquely YOU.


You are your own Safety Net

The best advice I received is that You are your own Safety Net.  Be confident in the strength that you have and know that you have everything within you to achieve your full potential.  When you stay in the moment and recognise that you have everything within you to succeed, you allow the science and magic of our inner conversations to turn your best self into reality.  

Celebrate your Graduation

We make the mistake of not celebrating success.  We move on too quick without taking time to savour that we have reached our goal.  As women in business, family, colleagues and society often place expectations on us that we feel we need to love up to.  When you free yourself from these expectations you have the freedom to grow at your own pace.

I am Enough

One of the biggest things that is holding us back is realising that we are Enough.   When we focus on just being enough in this moment, it opens the potential to give of our authentic best.  It frees us from the judgement of others and allows us to give from our unique strength.

Choose a Word to be your North Star

Having a single word as your North Star is using the power of intention and language to create the future you desire.  It is a simple, yet incredibly powerful means of focusing on the one thing that will move you forward this year.   Having a single word to focus your thinking, decisions and way of being takes the heaviness out of goal setting.  What is the one word that is going to propel you towards your best self this year?

And Finally, put yourself in the room you don’t belong…and then belong.

Possibly the one thing about my journey that I have learned is to allow the future to pull you forward.  So often we don’t believe we deserve a seat at the table, a place on the stage or the space to give of our best.  This is an opportunity for you to be the YOU you were meant to be.  

If you are ready to put yourself in the room you want to be and would like to start the journey to the new you.  Let’s start the conversations.

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I share this birthday year with two of my closest friends, the fabulous Kerry Manning and Paul Missing. We have been friends since early primary school and know too much about each other to NOT be friends!  We have been there for each other through in the darkest moments, the joys and challenges of raising five amazing sons between us, our greatest moments of celebration and those quiet and ordinary time over tea, wine (lots of wine) and great conversation. Even though we live in different parts of the world, our friendship has endured and only got stronger. I would not be who I am or where I am without them. This evening we share a glass of wine to celebrate the first of three birthdays and laughed at the precious memories of a lifetime of being there for each other.  


As I step into this new chapter of my life, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the adventures ahead, the opportunity to build a legacy of significance and contribute to a better world. We have the power to speak the world we want into existence. I know that I want a kinder, more human world for my children.