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date_range 20 Years In Leadership & Learning 17 Years Leadership Coaching 7 Industries Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Financial Services, SME 8 Countries England, Switzerland, SADEC Countries
What difference would it make if every conversation created
a different version of your future?
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Now more than ever we need to Lead through Communication.   As we  reconstruct our ways forward together,  we have the opportunity to move forward with empathy and purpose,  to improve customer experience, employee engagement and create a more human, inclusive world  As a strategic facilitator, speaker, coach and conversational catalyst, I hold the space and stimulate these vital conversations to prepare your teams for the future world of work where leaders will be remembered for how they communicate during this time of uncertainty, fear, change and disruption.



Craft a strong purpose; driven, future-fit strategic narrative that makes your customers and employees feel they are part of the story.  Speak the future you want into reality.

Navigate Change

The brain is designed to resist change.  It needs a new narrative to navigate the stress of conflict, change and disruption and innovation.  The quality of your conversations through the change curve make all the difference.


Create a culture of quality conversation to lead consciously and intentionally in the future world of work.  It is finding the optimal human experience in an increasingly digital world to set the playing field for growth, innovation and a sustainable planet.

Loyalty &

Build trust and connection through strategic relationship conversations.  Extract the full value of every touchpoint to build retention, loyalty and a love for your brand.  Make your company an even better place to work.


Align your leadership, employee and customer experience for maximum competitive advantage in the experience economy.  With everyone singing from the same hymn sheet you will have your customers falling in love with your brand.


Co-create agile communication strategies between teams to tap into the wisdom and expertise of your teams to build high trust and collaboration across silos. Power teams are forward thinking, innovative and create the best customer experience.


I have spent the last 20 plus years researching and designing the best tools, techniques and thinking to activate your agile communication strategy.  Conversation and language are both vitally important leadership skills needed to move towards the optimum human future in Industry 4.0. 

Slide VITAL Conversations We have an extraordinary opportunity to redefine how we live and work together as colleagues, customers and communities. I can not only help you and your teams facilitate these conversations, but provide you with the skills to have these conversations with the appropriate blend of strength, empathy and inclusion, Slide INTELLIGENT Conversation Unleash the full power of the brain by activating your natural intelligence in your leadership conversations. If we are to move from the polarised, binary conversations that are impeding our growth, then then we must develop the emotional, collaborative, cultural, somatic and even digital intelligence as part of our Leadership Toolkit. I create the tools and conversations to help you achieve this. Slide VIRTUAL Events I believe we have a unique opportunity to transform the conference and event experience as we move into the virtual space, at least for now. With my background in virtual coaching, I combined my experience as an interactive speaker, conference facilitator and virtual engagement specialist to help you shape and deliver inspiring virtual events that get get even the quiet voice involved and sharing their wisdom and stories Slide LEARNING Design The new world of work needs a new way of learning. Leaders need agile, in the moment learning that will give them the tools to lead effectively in a fast changing world. I design learning that is customised to YOUR organisation using a range of agile digital and engaging face-to-face strategies. Slide LEADERSHIP Coaching Now more than ever coaching is the most effective and powerful leadership conversation. It releases the leadership thinking and skill to lead and ignite your teams to achieve their best work in the midst of extreme change. I work both face to face and virtually with individual leaders and teams to operate at their highest level of performance and leadership.

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